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If you Googled me, thanks for following the link. If I met you in person, I sincerely appreciate your visiting me on the Web. AFROFuturism is more than spaceship captains armed with lasar canons; or scantily clad warriors swinging firey swords. AFROFuturism is stories, music, art, video, dance and politics that offer a deep look into our historical fantasies and possible futures.

AFROFuturism is inspiration using science and philosophy.

Most people of African descent (every human person born on this planet!) zealously crave new, positive experiences as well as diversity in thought and social interactions. That is what AFROFuturism promotes -- new ideas, new perspectives, explanations, and new problems to solve.

For my book/movie reviews and other ramblings, visit my blog: A Jet Plane is not a Spaceship. You can find my novels and short stories here.

The Author

Who am I? I enjoy writing speculative fiction. Science Fiction, Sword & Soul, Nubian Fantasy, black horror, Steamfunk, wild weird west, and other strange literary genres are my passion. I was born in the United States South and educated in the North. Currently, I work in a college of medicine where we are changing how medical students are being trained.

As a self-proclaimed AFROFuturist, I believe that what we read and write can enrich our lives today and frame our futures. Books encourage us to exam possiblities right and wrong. Sci-Fi authors are particularily "fascinating" because they explore new territories of thought and experience. What would happen if we resurrected an African leader, gave him access to hi-tech weapons to rule the modern world. What if plantlife has a civilization of their own and plot to wage war on humankind?

I write stories that push beyond the normal.

Historical Fantasies

Sword and Soul is gaining popularity with many Black readers. Forget about the Tarzan myths (light skinned people suffer horribly under the African sun). Charles Saunders, Milton Davis and others offer fantastic stories of black warriors defending their families or conquering other civilizations. The truth is that the ancient world was dominated by men and women of color. The richest person in history was a dark skinned king Mansa Musa ruler of the tremendously weathly Mali Empire. Now, stories of based on historical fact are being written.

Utopia Ambitions

World building or world imagining is an important aspect of speculative fiction. Writers such as Steven Barnes wrote about an alternative world where Blacks had the upper hand and whites were oppressed. One man's utopia is another man's dystopia; meaning that prosperity and poverty are defined by the winner of the social struggle. The transition between one person's glee and another person's sorrow is where many spec writers place their pen. Africa was once the apex of human society, but fortunes were overturned; now, they may turn again.

Books by Stafford L Battle

The following list are some of the books available by Stafford Battle on Amazon. The AFRO Sci-Fi Anthology is still available free until the end of 2016. Get it now.

Resurrecting the King

AFRO Futurism

To stop the next Great War of Africa, a suicidal college professor contempts resurrecting an African tyrant to rule the modern world and bring peace. What could possibly go wrong?

New African Fables For Adults

Tales not for the faint of heart. Brother vs brother, a sexy grandma who loses her clothing when monsters attack and Nat Turner's son who is also his daughter when devastating necromancy is needed to fight devils.

AFRO Sci-Fi Anthology

AFRO Sci-Fi Anthology

Speculative short stories with an Afican flavor. African gods & demons followed captured people to America. A wild west sheriff uses mystical powers to stop the bad guys. An amazing aunt takes her nephew to mystical dimensions and much more.

Rage of the Mamba

A powerful Mamba space queen seeks the attentions of a lowly asteroid miner; but he is terrified of her. The Mamba destroy solar systems with just a thought or sneeze. But there are dangerous galactic entities that Mamba fear. One human male can protect us all.

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It doesn't matter if you are a reader, writer, artist, producer or just black sci-fi curious . . . people of all colors and cultures are seeking diverse entertaining, educational and entreprenueurial expressions of the future which is now. Your participation keeps this AFROFuturistic movement alive. This is your call to action: Become an AFROFuturist.

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